3 Reasons To Replace A Severely Cracked Windshield

27 April 2023
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A nice windshield adds to the aesthetic of a vehicle, but it is far more important than adding surface-level appeal. For example, a crack in the glass is more than surface-level damage, it is a threat to the overall structural integrity of a vehicle. It is legal to drive when a windshield is not cracked to the extent of compromising the view of the road, but it is still not safe to drive. In the case of there being multiple cracks in the windshield, it is important to replace the glass altogether. This article explains the importance of having a windshield that is not damaged. 

1. Keep Passengers Inside & Debris Out

The most important situation to be prepared for in the event of a collision is for passengers to get tossed around. Even if a passenger is sitting in the backseat without wearing a seatbelt, he or she can be tossed into the front of the vehicle in a collision. When the windshield is cracked, it is easier for such a passenger to be ejected through the glass. Passengers are more likely to suffer severe injuries if they are ejected from the vehicle. Another reason to avoid driving with a cracked windshield is that it makes it easier for debris to break through the glass and get into the vehicle, which could lead to an accident or injury.

2. Reduce the Risk of Getting Crushed

Getting into an accident can send a vehicle rolling out of control and comprise the lives of everyone inside. A piece of information that many drivers are unaware of is the importance of not having a cracked windshield in such a situation. When there are no cracks in the glass, it is more difficult for the roof of a vehicle to get crushed as it is rolling on the pavement. A lower risk of the roof getting crushed means that there is a lower risk of the passengers getting crushed as well. A windshield is an important aspect of the overall structural integrity of a vehicle.

3. View the Road Without Compromise

The most obvious reason to replace a severely cracked windshield is that the cracks compromise the view of the road. For example, when other drivers' headlights are shining at night, the glare from the lights can appear more exaggerated when there are cracks in the windshield. Driving with a severely cracked windshield can get a driver pulled over by the authorities, as well as put his or her life in danger.

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