Auto Glass Repairs And What You Should Know Before You Hit The Road

22 October 2020
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You will eventually have a damaged windshield or other auto glass that needs to be repaired. These problems can often be dealt with easily, but you don't want to let them go. Before you drive or go on a road trip, it is important to deal with the auto glass problems. Repair damaged glass for your safety and to avoid getting fines. How are you going to deal with your auto glass damage before going on a road trip?

Chipped Glass And Filling

The glass of your car is most vulnerable to chips, which is something that often happens to windshields. The chips can often be repaired using a filler that bonds the glass and fills the voids. Filling chipped auto glass will help protect against problems like cracking and shattering. But, when can the filling technique be used to repair your auto glass?

  • Pitting on the surface of the glass
  • Chips from rocks and road debris
  • Minor cracks that have not spread

These are some of the repairs that can be done using fillings to bond the materials back together.

Windshield Replacements

Sometimes, the repairs your car needs are more than just filling or heat treating the glass. The windshield is the most important glass and often needs to be replaced when it is damaged. But, how do you know that the windshield needs to be replaced and not repaired?

  • Cracking the is spreading and splintering
  • Cracks at the edge (installation cracks)
  • Shattering that is severe and irreparable

Consider some of these factors when you need to repair windshields. Talk to an auto glass repair service about the severity of the damage and whether it can be repaired or not.

Repairing The Minor Cracks

Another type of minor damage to the window in your car is cracking. Sometimes the cracking can be repaired using a variety of techniques. But, how are the minor cracks repaired without completely replacing glass?

  • Filling the glass with a filler
  • Using a bonding agent
  • Heat treatments that bond cracks back together

These techniques can be used to repair the damage to glass without the need for costly replacements. The crack repairs are more affordable than replacing windshields or other windows in your car.

Inspecting Glass For Defects

Lastly, you are going to want to regularly inspect your glass for imperfections and damage that needs to be repaired. The best time to inspect your glass is when washing your car, which is something you want to do as part of routine maintenance before road trips. After you water the car and glass, inspect the glass's surface for imperfections once it is dry. If there is minor damage to the glass, you want to have it repaired before driving on a long trip.

Ensure safety before you travel by doing an inspection and repairing minor auto glass damage. Call an auto glass replacements service for more information.